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The Clark Street subway station in Brooklyn Heights is one of the deeper subway stations in the city, and the only way to get from the street to the platforms (and vice versa) is by taking one of the three large elevators. Every morning and evening those elevators are jam-packed during rush hour, with straphangers squeezing in and sweating it out (it gets HOT in there) for the 30-seconds or so it takes to get to either the street or the platforms. Anyway, it’s always a game of risk, as there’s a chance one of the three elevators will decide to stop working while you’re on it. Anyway, currently they are all broken, and have been since Wednesday.

Currently the MTA says the 2 and 3 “will bypass the Clark St station because the elevators are down. Use the nearby Borough Hall Station instead.”

Note: there is NEVER air conditioning in the elevators.

When this happened a few years ago, former MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz told us, “Clark Street is a deep station and the stairs are emergency exits only. They are not meant for everyday use. Not to mention, if you are getting off at Clark Street, would you rather climb 10 flights of stairs or ride to Borough Hall and walk back a few blocks?” Listen Kev, I do pilates, and Borough Hall is literally collapsing, so I’ll take my chances with some stairs.

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